News of internationalization and agricultural innovation.

In terms of internationalization and agricultural innovation, Spain is among one of the main agricultural exporters in the world thanks to its deep-rooted agricultural tradition, especially fruit and vegetables.
In recent years, different innovative techniques have been revealed for the automation, irrigation and harvesting of fields. Technological solutions that help resource management, agricultural planning and early detection of pests that can damage the crop.
Innovation in the agricultural sector will be essential when facing the food challenges of the population in the coming decades.


Spanish companies in the sector

Some of the leading agricultural technology companies are located in regions such as La Rioja, Murcia and Almería; the latter being one of those with the most presence abroad due to the foreign trade of its products.
Currently, there are different agricultural development and subsidy programs in different parts of the world whose main objective is to promote agriculture in different countries at a global level.


Smart Agro

Smart Agro technology consists of a set of artificial intelligence, information and communications systems that help make farm management simpler, more efficient and more profitable.
Smart Agro will bring with it a digital revolution in the agricultural industry, as it will enhance the use and performance of crop fields, translating into greater productivity in the sector.
At Innovatione we know the importance of Smart Agro technology in the sector, which is why, when carrying out our projects, we always take into account the latest technological innovations to do the best job possible.


Advantages of Smart Agro technology

There are multiple advantages when using Smart Agro technology or “intelligent agriculture”:
• Improved harvest predictions thanks to geographic information systems.
Increased knowledge of the soil and crop productivity.
• Obtaining better quality crops.
• Ease in handling and management of farms.
• Optimize the application of fertilizers and other products in the fields.


The Smart Agro in internationalization

Thanks to this technology, an exhaustive data collection is possible that allows the elaboration of statistics that help to create reliable prediction models. In addition, the creation of these models will favor energy savings, work optimization and cost reduction in the sector.
All this will significantly enhance the quality and quantity of production, creating more sustainable crops that respect the biosphere. This will help boost the internationalization and innovation of the agricultural sector.
Innovation in the agricultural sector and its internationalization is one of the goals that we at Innovatione want to achieve thanks to carrying out exhaustive projects based on these technologies that promote, in addition to greater performance and optimization of resources, an increase in the quality of products obtained.

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